CNG autogas

CNG autogas is the most benefitial fuel type providing savings up to 60% compared to petrol.
We've opened our first CNG filling station in Võru and our second CNG station was built to Jüri.

LPG autogas

Liquid petroleum gas or LPG is an environmentally sustainable and cheap car fuel, with which you would save up to 45% of fuel on the kilometres driven! See further: http://www.alexelaoil.ee/lpg/

CleanSystem3 - 95, 98, D

Unleaded additive CleanSystem3 cleans vehicles’ intake valves, carburettor and injectors wonderfully and helps retain the lower level of exhaust gas. Additional additives for fuels with the specified additive are not recommended, it may turn out to be harmful for the engine.

Diesel fuel carrying a fiscal marker

The use of diesel fuel carrying a fiscal marker is regulated with the Fiscal Marking of Liquid Fuel Act as the product is taxed with a lower fuel excise duty than diesel fuel.

Nitro3000 - 95

If you fill up with 95 Nitro3000, the car will become more alert at the same time wearing the engine out less, polluting less and being more economical.

The effect of Nitro3000 will manifest for a newer as well as an older car, when driving economically as well as when rushing. The effect is guaranteed from the first drop of petrol. After the first two to free filling ups the effect even increases because the mentioned substance will spread into all parts of the engine by lubricating oil.


AdBlue is a catalytic reduction system meant for vehicles, which is safe, odourless, colourless and a stable liquid. The quality of AdBlue is guaranteed, it corresponds to the standard DIN 70070.